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 September 8, 2007



Any excuse is a good excuse to visit Pete and Jakes but when you combine a hot rod show with a parts run it pushes the fun-o-meter past the redline.  Some prime real estate was reserved for Norm.  He set up in front of the main building. 





A current GM color helps G. W. Taylor’s ’33 maintain its combination of rod and class.  

If you don’t want to hear what Norm thinks about your car (or anything else) remember, you can run but you can’t hide.


Three pictures…it is very nice



 The Plymouth guys don’t worry about stretching a hood for some clearance because MOPAR took care of that requirement at the factory.


It’s a safe bet that this interior can remember Cherry Cokes.   



Sometime performance is more than skin deep.  This ’32 is one of those times.



The gathering covered the majority of cool cars themes and eras





Jerry Slover kept an eye on Norm once he saw how fast Norm’s hands are.



The Model A that Norm is doing with Razorback Rides was just a body until Norm saw the Winters Champ quick change.  The project’s budget just got bumped up but a gorgeous rear end is never cheap.


A chrome 4’ dropped Super Bell will round out the front of the A. 



The goodies never end at Pete and Jakes. 



That looks like Charlie Smith back there.  How does he find time for shows and his art and



Here is a collection.  That’s Norm's buddy Dale Steves, Jason and Jerry of Pete and Jakes and of course our main man here at NORMSNEWS. 

We don’t have to tell you about the “Cover Cars” do we?


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