Crawdad Days
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Where’s Norm?  Crawdad Days in Harrison, Arkansas 

 May 18 & 19, 2007 


Norm was invited to display Kookie II in front of the Lyric Theater.  Norm was both inside and outside the theater simultaneously.  He’s not a magician, “Hooper” was being shown during the event.  The town square was the location of this years car show.  In addition to Kookie II several other “high end” cars were on hand. With close to 300 cars, there was an interesting mix of hot rods, muscle cars and special interest vehicles.   


Being close to home meant that Norm knew a large percentage of those in attendance.  Good thing that beer was not the beverage of choice because it would have been difficult for Norm to get a bathroom break before dark.   Al Anderson brought his stunning ’30 Chevrolet Pick-up.  This serious machine is an example of the work that Bob Schumacher does at Vintage Fabrication.  A car that lives in Kansas and was built in Missouri made a good showing in Arkansas.  Is Arkansas becoming a cosmopolitan center of automotive art?  


The North Arkansas Camaro Club hosted a Burnout Contest.  Several cars could have provided cover for a convoy in wartime but the winning Chevrolet Pick-up appeared to unleash some anger in addition to tire smoke.  Its blown small block did not miss a beat.   After the contest the steel plate used to protect the asphalt looked like a big potato chip.  Norm was quick to point out that he doesn’t do burnouts.  Does that mean that the supercharged 500 cubic inch engine in Kookie II is just for aesthetic purposes?  It seems more likely that he is just too environmentally conscience (?) to waste his tires.


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