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Where’s Norm?  The National Street Rod Association event in Springfield, Missouri was the place to be on May 25th and 26th .  Norm couldn’t get back there on Sunday.  Read on to learn why.


Friday’s drive to Springfield was not too eventful for Norm and company but someone else was having more than enough trouble.  Along highway 65 a motor home was engulfed in flames.  Not pretty.


This year’s event in Springfield was a spectacular show.  The “Puke Truck” (’37 Ford flatbed) was Norm’s mode de motivation for the trip up to Springfield.  Overcast skies made for pleasant temperatures but water spots for a few paint jobs.  The Puke Truck’s modern miracle finish protector (WD 40) kept the burnt orange paint looking “slick” and spot free.  Dust is another story.



Lots of truly great cars were on hand.  In addition to great cars the fairgrounds were filled with many great people too.   This event brought long time friends together.  Norm was happy to spend time with long time friend, Joe, and the Studebaker sedan that Joe bought from Norm a few years back.  The car has special “Norm touches” including the hand made wooden trunk.  The sparkling paint made Norm wonder if Joe was using something other than WD 40 on it.  Wayne (that’s not primer it’s paint) Coleman brought his very vintage style hot rod Ford Coupe.


Norm had to miss the end of the event as he was drafted into the service of one of the latest projects he is involved with.  Norm is working with Razorback Rides on a ’32 roadster project.  Norm met the folks at Razorback Rides through a mutual rodding friend.  One look at the sports cars that are their normal projects caused Norm to ask, “When are you gonna build a real hot rod like a ’32 roadster?”  The reply went something like “As soon as you help!”  After leaving the fairgrounds Saturday evening Norm loaded a steel ’32 body onto the back of his truck.  A good friend, Bobby Owens, owned the body but decided to purchase a finished car he had been lusting after for years.  As a result the ’32 body was offered for sale.  Sunday the body was at Razorback Rides.  Some assembly required. 


Close friend and rod builder Dale Steves was on hand looking for goodies at the swap meet.  Dale is currently building Norm’s ’29 Nash Coupe, a.k.a. “The Fish Truck”.    You’ll be seeing a lot of this project.  It’s cool and it’s a keeper.


It is always fun to be surrounded by excellent early iron (glass is cool too).  The NSRA event in Springfield was a time not to be missed.  See you soon at a place where hot rods gather.



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