Power Tour 07
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Where’s Norm?  Norm was in Little Rock for the climax of the Hot Rod Power Tour on June 8th and 9th.  


Norm was invited by the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce to display Kookie II.  The weather was a bit warm. By noon on Saturday we thought that we saw aluminum melting  (but steel and iron held up to the heat).  Hot Rods were out numbered by muscle cars but the pre’48 crowd still made a good showing.  Norm set up early at the River Market, so Kookie II did not participate in the parade from the fair grounds.  Parked under a canopy was not a bad alternative.  Norm’s flattop does not provide great UV protection in scorching weather.


Having participated in events at this location Norm had good advice for those planning to attend, “Arrive hungry!”  The enclosed Market offered a great variety of dinning delights.  Early morning gyros kept energy levels going till dinner.  Fresh funnel cake topped off the day’s calorie consumption. 



Several friends were at the event.


Wayne was there with his Coupe.  


Anthony and Derek of Reed’s Early Iron had their sweet ’55 and ’60 Chevies there.  


Car clubs representing Vettes and Vipers made a good showing.   All aspects of the sport were on hand.



Saturday while loading up Kookie, the Kookie Monster’s brakes got as hungry as the rest of us and demanded a little fluid.  A Good Samaritan offered to ride his Kawasaki out of the event and pick up some fluid.  The down time was put to good use (the funnel cake mentioned earlier).  A little fluid and a few pumps on the pedal had the brakes back in full service.  Kookie was loaded up and another event came to a happy ending.


Thanks to nice lady and organizer Carol and husband John for the invitation and logistics support.  They has invited Norm back for an event in October.  See you there.



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