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Where’s Norm?  At the Big Cruise Fest in the Rock, October 26-27, 2007


An event to look forward every fall in Little Rock is the Big Cruise Fest in the Rock.  Carol Dolan is a real car person and it shows every time she produces a car show.  Carol also knows about the hobby’s celebrities.  This year in addition to the main man around this website, she had several other greats supporting the fun. 



Norm decided to come down in the Puke Truck.  Where did that name come from?  Who can say?


Norm felt that the truck could use a little color to make it stand out.  Master pin striper Joey Hudson quickly added the missing touches to the ’37.  “Much better, won’t be so hard to find at Wal-Mart anymore”.




Is it possible that some of Norm’s fans are so embarrassed by the Puke Truck that they don disguises when stopping by to say, “Hi”?



A gathering of SUPERHEROS.  We recognize George Barris but who are those other guys?



Norm wanted to know why one of his Norm’s News staffers was over at Candy Clark’s booth.  




Reed’s early Iron brought cool cars but quite a few show participants were even more excited to see the hand made trophies that came inside those cars.  Reed’s provided quite an array of special awards that would be handed out at the conclusion of this event.  They also made one just for Norm.




If Milner had driven a ’31 instead of a ’32 this might have been it.


Is it fast?


The magic 8 ball says, “All signs point to yes”.



When smaller cars are mandated, factory hot rods could look like this.



The last time Norm was in town, the Kookie Monster needed some brake fluid before it could leave the event.  This Good Samaritan braved some nasty traffic to make a “parts run”.  This time he brought a bigger bike.  He’d be back before ever leaving on this beast.


This would make a great support vehicle for “Rudy’s Green Flame”.




Henry’s favorite flavor and one a bit spicier.



This car is no newcomer to shows.  You have to respect anyone who paints a mid year Vette candy apple red with six taillights too. Very cool.


The Shark Vettes were well represented too.


A very dedicated fan.


Looks like a hot rod waiting to be born.



Being famous is hard work, “gotta keep my strength up”.



Norm, Candy and Darryl with Cristina.



A little more of Cristina unobstructed.



One look was enough to convince many people to purchase Darryl Starbird’s latest book.



This photographer may have just found Norm’s good side.


Shine is not a mandatory part of being cool.


Candy mentioned that she finds fake Candy Clark autographs “out there”.  At least “Frank” can be sure his is legitimate.


A rolling camera is nothing new to this rodder.


Chrysler offers a turbo option for the PT.  This blower should be part of the option list too.



Larry Frees bought Mr. Chevy.  This is not a recreation of “the way we used to do it”.  This is a time capsule racecar.  It was not inspired by Two-Lane Blacktop.  This Chevy could have seen the movie at a drive-in, providing it did not have a date with the quarter mile that night.



If it had a radio, would it be LBJ, Nixon or Ford addressing the nation?


Norm explained to Larry that a ‘37 El Trucko would make a great Gasser.   Perhaps Larry should explain the difference between “gasser “ and “gassed”.


Candy selected a ’58 Chevy as “Deb’s Pick”


That same ’58 Chevy received George Barris’ personal pick too.   It’s fortunate that the ’58 has a large trunk.  Its owners had some extra cargo to take home.


Norm presented a few awards.  He had to be reminded to release this winner after presenting her trophy.  Who could blame him?


Happy award recipients.  Did anyone mention that Reed’s does a lot of work to support this event?




There she is.  That’s Carol Dolan.  A bit tired perhaps.  After all it’s a lot of work putting on a show of this caliber… and dealing with Norm on the same weekend.  She’s a brave woman.


 See you out there, and likely right back here next year.



P.S.    Norm had a question about this story, “What’s with so many pictures of Candy Clark?”


"Very simple boss, RATINGS!"


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