4th of July 07
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Where’s Norm?  For the Fourth of July he was at home (for a change).  Four ladies in hot rods braved this summer’s gas prices and came down from Manitoba, Canada to attend rod events across the country and visit some places of interest too.  A few foreigners may not consider a visit to Lead Hill, Arkansas as a “must do” when in the States but if you’re reading this then you probably know who lives there.  The Lipstick Run: Liz Kitzul, Kathy Milne, Barb Balanyk and Marlene Dawson stopped in to see Norm before concluding their visit to the U.S.A.  Since even Norm can get lost on the roads to his house, he met the ladies in “downtown” Lead Hill.   Convoy time.




A few minutes on the road and everyone was at Norm’s favorite part of his home. 




Liz drove her T-Bucket but she graciously offered to let her friends do part of the trip behind the T's-wheel while she drove their cars.  July in an open T-Bucket, for a few thousands miles; her gracious offer brings Tom Sawyer and a white washed fence to mind.




Barb’s ’34 pick-up looked a bit more inviting than a T-Bucket for a trip of this duration.  A four inch chop gives it “The Look”.




Kathy’s ’38 Chevrolet probably felt like a luxury motor home after a thousand miles in the wind.  It is hard to believe that this is a long time Canadian vehicle.  It looks like it came from California.




Liz has one of Norm’s shifter skulls.  It’s probably a contender for the “Most Miles Award” among the circulating Norm skulls out on the road. 



All of these ladies believe in using their rods.  Liz has 150,000 mile on her T.  Barb’s ‘34 will hit 100K by the end of this trip.  Kathy has 300,000 miles since this full figured Chevy hit the road as a rod back in 1979. 


The next day our visiting travelers headed north to stop in at Pete & Jakes before returning to Canada.  No trailer queens in this bunch.


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