Rockaway Beach
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Where’s Norm?  June 16th was a warm day with hot cars at Rockaway Beach.


“Rods & Relics” at Rockaway Beach was the perfect excuse to burn the old fuel out of Kookie II.   You regulars know that the Kookie Monster is the Norm(al) way that Kookie II gets to most events.  Rockaway Beach is close to home so it was out with the old and in with the new….gas.  It was probably $1.25 more per gallon than the last time the car was fed.  Who can argue though, it must cost money to lower the octane…..not! 


Fuel prices did not prevent quite a few first class rods from attending this event.   Main Street (a state highway, closed for this event) was lined on both sides with a good selection of hot rods with emphasis on HOT.  Lots of big blocks were in attendance.  Good radiators or maybe these cars were going to stay till the temperature dropped down.  Too bad a burn out contest was not part of the action.  It would have been a good one.  A neat feature of this show was the ease of entry/exit for participating vehicles.  This allowed attendees to hear and feel running cars up close.


Not surprisingly Norm found a number of friends in attendance.  Ben, Butch and Ron were just a few of the familiar faces with their familiar cars too.



Norm’s celebrity status usually results in offers of refreshments but this crowd was so friendly that just looking warm was enough to generate offers of a drink from strangers.  Definitely a nice crowd braved the heat. 


Enough heat, let’s hit the highway…



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