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Where’s Norm?  The 2009 Buckethead Bash

July 18, 2009 in Mountain Home, Arkansas.



It would be difficult to find a more natural venue for Norm Grabowski than a T Bucket event.  Norm is popular at most automotive events but at a T get together he is really in his element.  There were a few participants who did not know Norm’s relationship with their cars but they were part of a very small minority.  The majority of those in attendance could help Norm write a book about his life and involvement in hot rodding (there’s an idea, a book about Norm...) 


Norm and about 50 others attended the Tuesday night dinner at event organizer Bob C's house but the real fun was on Saturday at the Fairgrounds.  Norm brought two vehicles.  He drove the Puke Truck and his Norm’s News staff drove the website’s C Cab. 




 Bob Van Haaren (a.k.a. DJ Peace) was broadcasting live from the event for radio station 93.5 KKTZ.  He was quick to arrange some microphone time with Norm. 



 Turned out he’s a car guy too. He liked the Norms News staff truck.



Yes, that’s Marty.


Marty came down from Racine Wisconsin.  Marty picked up a few posters and Norm even signed his shirt. 


There was one other reason Marty and his wife Carol traveled over 600 miles to this event, he was able to have his first drive in his new Spirit T-Bucket.  With a 502/502 crate motor and open megaphones it’s hard to miss.  The stunning Root Beer paint with subtle flames did not go un-noticed either.




It’s a safe bet that this is one of few T Buckets running original 1929 Bugatti headlights (probably not too many Bugattis running Model T headlights).




Norm was also fond of the Nash cowl lamps, one guess as to why (Hint:  FISH TRUCK).



It was great to see some of our service men and women involved in a low risk “maneuver”.  The Army brought a climbing tower (with safety harness) for brave souls to try.  A few car enthusiasts in the military stopped by to chat with Norm.  Swapping Army stories it was apparent that while much as changed in the military since Norm’s military service, there are few constants too.




The Fairgrounds had some serious rods on display.











’27s can make a serious statement, especially in original steel.




 In addition to the sea of cars, the Bash provided indoor activities  There were valve cover races, pinewood derby races and a trivia contest.  One of the Norm’s News staffers won a hat and a T Shirt for answering “SIX!” and “1961!”.    The questions, “How Many 1936 Fords were produced in stainless steel” and “What was the last year that Corvettes had wide white walls”?  Norm’s News staff is made up of real car people (BOTH of them).




At the end of the event there was time for a stop at Sodie’s for some ice cream on the way home.




Once again…

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