THE Eggway
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The  Eggway


Car shows routinely provide the opportunity to procure an endless array of items ranging from “more stuff like the stuff I trip over already” to “I can’t believe the only one ever produced is for sale at this show”.  Norm made such a find at the May ’09 NSRA event in Springfield.



Norm and the Webmaster were looking at some of the cars and the conversation went like this:

“You know what that is?


“It’s an EGGWAY”

“Of course …a baby Hennway!”


After Kookie, Norm is known for his second wild creation, his radical ’23 Hennway.  Norm has encountered one other Hennway since he hit the road with his back in ’73.  Hennway history is a topic Norm tries to keep up with so it was no surprise that Hennway’s “compact” truck did not go unnoticed when Norm walked past one in a parking lot loaded with hot rods.  The baby Hennway christened the Eggway during a very limited production run in the same year that Norm’s full size Hennway was produced. 



A few modifications have occurred during the 86 years since this Eggway first rolled out.  No matter, Norm and his staff at Norm’s News knew instantly that the Eggway had to move closer to her big brother.  Norm told the Webmaster that it would be the perfect official vehicle of Norms News.  The Webmaster told Norm that in order to make it happen Norm be able to fit in it and drive it and also that he would have to promise to make some appropriate signs for it.




Fortunately this Eggway could be had for a fair price.  Two days later it was the official vehicle of Norm’s News.  (Perhaps the owner did not know exactly what he had.) 

The signs took a bit longer. 


Norm enjoyed his involvement with it and the Eggway served as both a primary and support vehicle over the years at different events. 








The “Eggway’s”  known history goes back to builder Neil Heely. Neil build the Eggway after he left California for a life in Arkansas (kinda sounds familiar). 



Neil put the car together in two phases.  The first phase was to transform an original C Cab body into a running hot rod.  That went pretty quickly.  It was running and driving in three weeks back in 2004.   Painting and detailing was not completed till 2008.   We know how that goes.  Sometimes an unfinished car provides too much fun to take off the road for finishing.  In addition to that Neil ran into another distraction.  The car was such a hit that it motivated to him starting a business.   Neil created Runnin’ Iron Restorations because of all the attention this car generated.   Neil’s favorite memory of his time with the truck was being clocked at 97 MPH at Texas Motor Speedway.



 The question on everybody’s mind can now be answered, “What’s an Eggway?”  “A bit less than a Hennway.”